How to get your Vaccine Pass verified!

Hi All, What strange times we are living in. As per the email last night, we are now moving as fast as we can to have all of our member's vaccine passes verified. This will enable us to re-open the club fully, and we have set a goal to have this complete by next Thursday 9th December. To do this we are going to give you 3 options: 1. Digitally - using an automated tool called Checkmate - you will receive an email tomorrow from checkmate that will ask you to either scan or upload your vaccine pass. Once verified the tool shuts down automatically. The entire process will take about 30 seconds. You can either use your phone, or computer, or both. OR 2. Pay2Play - you could login right now to your pay2play account and load your pass into the prompt. From there, we will scan your pass ourselves, and then send you a note to let you know all is verified. OR 3. Print your pass - bring it to the club either on Thursday nights at 6pm, or 9am on Saturday morning. We will then scan your pass and record it into our database. Bill will also be there THIS Friday evening and can scan your pass then too. Finally, if you are struggling to get your pass, are confused, need to talk to someone, or need a time extension, please just shout out and let us know. Pete Hooper WWTS President

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